Easy DIY Chalkboard Wall

IMAG0593I have read so many websites on how to make your own chalkboard paint, but I didn’t believe it could be this easy!

We have two music schools with eight teaching rooms. Most rooms have white boards, but they didn’t have the look I wanted when we started remodeling the rooms, so I started looking into making my own chalkboard paint to paint entire walls (after pricing a quart of chalkboard paint at $25). This cost about the same for a whole gallon.

IMAG0568What you need:

  • Latex paint of any colour (I got eggshell, but flat would be nice!)
  • Unsanded Grout to match the colour you choose
  • A container to mix the paint and grout in
  • A lot of enegery to mix it for a very long time to get the chunks out (or an electric mixer)
  • A sponge roller and brush for the edges

Mix 1 tbsp grout to 2 cups of paint. Stir, stir, stir and paint!! That easy 🙂 I needed three coats to cover, but it looks amazing.

One thing I should mention is that it thickens pretty quick, so I used a fan to dry it as fast as possible in between coats.

After one coat
After one coat
Curing it by covering it in chalk and wiping it off with a damp rag
Curing it by covering it in chalk and wiping it off with a damp rag

After it has dried for a couple days, cure it by covering the whole thing in chalk (using the side of a piece of chalk) and then wash it off with a damp rag. Now you are ready to doodle, decorate or do whatever you want with it!




2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Chalkboard Wall

    1. It was so easy! A couple things I forgot to mention…..it thickens up pretty quick so you need to be speedy and it was 1 tbsp to 2 cups 🙂 I need to change that right now. My husband informed me I was wrong since he was the one that mixed it!! Good luck with your wall. Send over some pictures when you are done!

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