The House Appraisal – Will our value go up?

It has been three years since we purcashed this lovely house, and three years since our last home appraisal. In those three years, we have changed so much, that I start to look track of what the house looked like when we bought it. I actually went and pulled up the last appraisal with pictures and everything! OMG!!

In the past three years, we have redone the kitchen, bathroom, all three upstairs bedrooms, the mudroom and stairs going downstairs, built a basement kitchen, gutted the downstairs bathroom (our next project!), built a back porch, painted the front porch and foundation, put up shutters and completely changed the gardens! I know there is more, but like I said, I start to loose track. The last three years have been a whirlwind of change and upgrades! Our latest project has been my favourite! We recently tore up all of the old carpets and refinished the hardwood flooring, painted the walls and put in new doors and baseboards!! This was our last project before getting the house appraised again to see where we stand 🙂

Tomorrow is our home appraisal and I sit here feeling nervous. Like studying for a test for three years and waiting to see if you will pass! It has been quite the adventure so far and it is like tomorrow will tell us if the direction we took was the right one!

I think this last project alone will make all the difference. Here are some updated pictures of our living room, dining room and hallway. They are still not complete as I cannot figure our what furniture to put in or what pictures to put on the walls, but for now, I LOVE IT!

Wish us luck 🙂

DSC_1950 DSC_1946 DSC_1945 DSC_1951 DSC_1956



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