Easy Recycled Wine Jugs

IMAG0548So a long time ago, I purchased these awesome looking wine jugs to make vases out of…..drinking the wine had nothing to do with it 😉 After they were empty, I cleaned them and put them on my fridge in anticipation of sprucing them up one day! Well that day came today!!

I saw a post this morning (check it out here –> https://goodwalablog.wordpress.com/) and thought it was adorable. I was inspired!!! I wanted to keep my super rustic looking and simple, so I found some modpodge and some twine and went to work.

IMAG0550I used a small paint brush to apply the glue to the bottles and then started wrapping. I had to be pretty quick before it dried and had to keep pushing the twine together so it stayed even. I was covered in glue by the time I was done, but it was totally worth it!

I love how cute they look. Peonies just bloomed this week in our yard, so I thought I would put them on display!!


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