DIY Shutters

Sometimes, a window just needs a shutter. We live in a big white house with a big white garage. We needed something to break all that white up!

IMAG0526As you know, I would rather build something out of leftovers or materials kicking around then spend hundreds of dollars. In this case, I would rather have my husband build something 🙂

We needed a bunch of shutters for our garage, kitchen window and 4 windows on the front of the house. Those plastic or vinyl shutters have no personality, not to mention what they cost….CRAZY!

Here is a $100 DIY shutter idea!! That was the total cost of ALL of our shutters, stain, etc. We made 12 shutters = $8.33 each!!

You will need some wood planks. Here is a great use for pallets if your windows aren’t that big. You can pick those up for free a lot of time (as long as you are fast. Pintrest has caused a high demand for pallets)

IMAG0525Our windows are fairly large, so it us cost around $60 in wood materials. Still under the cost of one new pair of shutters. The rest of the money was spent on wood stain.

6 screws hold these babies together! They could not be easier to make (that is what hubby said anyways) and they look so rustic and charming.

IMAG0524Here is a set of shutters before staining. We stuggled with the colour and in the end decided to keep the wood look. I am so glad we did because it really made them look AWESOME! Plus it saved us from having to prime and paint a million coats 🙂

We used a semi transparent walnut stain. It gave it the appearance of barn board. It took two coats to be dark enough.

IMAG0527IMAG0531The shutters gave the house a whole new look! It was like they were always meant to be there! Not bad for $100 and a couple hours of my husbands time!!

Now I just need to get my hanging plants up and we are ready for front porch entertaining!


diy shutters🙂


3 thoughts on “DIY Shutters

  1. We have some old shutters that used to be on the house prior to us getting it. Found them in the basement. We recently talked about putting them back up, but they are old, beat-up and would need a lot of work. Looking at this post, I may just have to build new ones instead!!!

    1. Awesome! We did all of the shutters in one day, so it is a very cost and time effective project!! Please send some pics if you make your own! Would like to see them 🙂

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