Making a runner out of a remnant carpet

IMAG0511 text

Let me start off by telling you this project is not for the faint of heart! If you have any level of OCD, do not try this! It will drive you mad! It will never be perfect and you can seriously spend hours and hours trying. What it will do is save you hundreds of dollars if you can look past the minor imperfections.

What you will need:

  • Carpet remnant
  • Sharp knife, long ruler or piece of straight board  and sharpie to cut remnant to size
  • Hot glue gun
  • LOTS of hot glue sticks
  • A popsicle stick or flat object to push the hot glue into the carpet
  • Sharp scissors to trim carpet edges
  • A glass of wine for when you are finished….you will need it!

We recently underwent a huge floor refinishing project. By that, I mean we ripped out old carpets, sanded and stained a floor and coated it with protective wax. There was a lot of sweat, tears and swear words that went into the project, so we want to make sure that it looks this good for a long time!

So we started pricing area rugs and a 20′ runner for our hallway….OUCH! It was so much money that we decided to get ourselves into yet another DIY project! We already had a lot of carpet remnant that we got to put into our music school teaching rooms (which we have not done yet). The colour is perfect to match our new living room/dining room and hallway so we thought we would make area rugs and a runner out of the remnant.IMAG0505

After cutting our pieces, the edges were a little uneven and fraying really bad already. We needed to stop them from fraying first before we could start to even it out.

IMAG0506I flipped the carpet over and the bottom is like burlap. Strands weaving back and forth. If one unravels…..they all unravel!!

IMAG0508I ran some hot glue along the very edge of the burlap and used a paint stir stick to push the glue into the fabric. It created a nice plastic like edging to keep the carpet from fraying out. Warning….the glue will stick to your “pusher” so make sure to keep peeling it off. I tried a metal scrapper and it stuck just as bad.



IMAG0513 It took a lot of glue sticks to finish this 20 foot runner (like 20) and took me about an hour. After testing it, it seemed to be holding the carpet together nicely!

After flipping it over, I realized I had a lot of trimming to do. This is where it gets tough. I learned it will never be perfect and look like something that is professionally binded….but you can try for hours to make it look like that!! I used very sharp scissors and trimmed it for a long, long time. I finally just came to terms with the fact that it is what it is…..and it didn’t cost me a couple hundred dollars 🙂


So in the end, would I choose to do this again? I am not sure. It is back breaking, finger burning work. But the runner does look really great (if you dont look too closely) and does exactly what it needs to do. Another great example of money or time 🙂


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