DIY Floor Refinishing – Day Three (Drum Sander)

If you read the post before this one, you learned that square buffer sanders suck! We was a waste of time and money. Our only option left was to rent a drum sander. Now if you have read up on drum sanders, you will learn that they can make big marked in your floors if you are not careful. (we learned this the hard way even after reading up on them, so be very careful!)




















After the first pass with the drum sander, the difference was very noticable. Here is a half and half shot of the square buffer floor vs. the drum sander after only one pass:




















It is a no brainer now to us….skip the rental of the square buffer sander if you have old flooring. It just doesn’t do the job.

We used the drum sander for two days and got it down to bare wood. For really tough spots, try going backwards over the spot. It puts a little more pressure on the sander getting deeper into the wood.

Here is what we ended up with!!! Raw wood ready to be stained!!!





















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