DIY Floor Refinishing – Day Four (Staining)

Ok, so removing the wax and sanding out the floors was an interesting process, but it all came down to the moment of truth….staining the floor. This could go wrong on so many levels. We were going a dark walnut and after reading about how it could become blotchy, we were scared. All this work and we would have to sand it out again.

It was recommended to use a pre-stain conditioner to moisten the wood, pop up the grain and allow the stain to be applied evenly. So we went out in seach of supplies. We chose a minwax system with the pre-stain and dark walnut stain.

The conditioner is like a thin oil water. It is like magic in a can. Once applied the floor grain just popped up out of nowhere, giving us a brand new looking floor.











If didn’t want it dark, I would have just left it like this. It was beautiful, but very orange. You are supposed to put your stain on within 2 hours of applying the pre-stain conditioner. This was a challange since were doing two rooms and a hallway. Make sure you go fast!!

After the conditioner was applied, it was the moment of truth. Applying the stain.

Let me just save you the anticipation…..I looked amazing!! It wasn’t even the same floors.



















































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