Mason Jar Porch Lights

Last night we were sitting on the front porch enjoying a beverage after a long day of staining floors and yard work, when I noticed that there was no covers on our porch lights, just bare bulbs.

I cannot remember why we took them down now, maybe they weren’t matching, or maybe the wind blew one away. Either way, I didnt like them, and swore to replace them……..but I guess I forgot.

I didnt feel like to going to the hardware store and didnt feel like spending money on them (since we are in the middle of a giant hardwood floor reno) so I went looking for some ideas.

Mason Jars, you never fail to amaze me. I just tightened the screws around the rim and TAH DAY!!! So cute!! I might find a way to glaze the inside of the jars to give a softer vibe. But for now, I love the feel they bring to the front porch!!





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