Hanging Laundry Indoors

As per our regular November luck, our dryer has died a slow miserable death. At first it started making a weird vibrating noise, then it would overheat once in a while, then it would overheat every 40 minutes or so, then it just stopped doing anything. Jack took it apart, got it working again, for about 20 minutes, then, “poof” dead!

Being a couple weeks from Christmas, I totally panicked. Since I am thrifty and always looking for a good deal, I started looking online for cheap, used dryers. But the logical side of me said “Why would you by another old, used dryer for $200???” So I decided it was smarter to get something new, high efficient and well…..pretty! So I googled  – new, high efficient, pretty dryers for sale.

Oh dear, goodbye Christmas!

So, after a long, complicated, argument with myself, I decided to wait until after the Holidays to get a new, high efficient, pretty dryer. In the meantime, I figured I can hang all of my clothes in the laundry room to dry. What was the difference from hanging them on the clothes line in the summer? I never even turn the dryer on in the summer (saves a TON on the hydro bill 🙂 )

After a couple of loads, I started learning my from mistakes. The clothes were wrinkly and stiff. Nothing like putting on a shirt that feels like it has been starched like a doily! So I started experimenting and have come up with some tricks to keep your laundry feeling nice and soft…ish.

  • When putting your clothes in the washer, always use a good fabric softener. I like Gain! It smells pretty.
  • Add a cupful of vinegar with the softener. It is a natural fabric softener. Don’t worry, you wont be able to smell it after the clothes dry. It also rinses any left over detergent out of your cloths so they dry softer.
  • Make sure you take the clothes out the of washer as soon as they are done. The longer they sit in the washer, the more wrinkles you are going to get.
  • Shake, shake, shake the clothes before hanging. Loosens them up and removes more wrinkles.
  • I hang most of my laundry on hangers to avoid marks from the clips. I don’t care about towels though. Clip away!
  • Don’t let them hang longer then necessary. This will just create more stiffness.
  • Using multi hangers to hand face cloths, underwear, socks, etc saves TONS of room.
  • Shake, shake, shake them before folding. Sort of like a “fluff” setting on the dryer.

Hanging dish cloths on a multi hanger saves tons of room!

After learning these tricks, I am in no hurry to get that dryer now. I know my clothes typically dry in 18 hours or so (no heat in the laundry room) so I can get a load of laundry done every two days.

Do have more tricks for hanging laundry? Please let us know. I am happy with the outcome of my laundry, but it could ALWAYS be softer 🙂

p.s. I couldn’t have talked about my laundry room without showing you my cute little DIY picture!


6 thoughts on “Hanging Laundry Indoors

  1. sorry to hear about your dryer!! If I had to go without one, I don’t know what I would do since I usually only do laundry once every 3 weeks or so…and then I have a massive pile of dirty clothes. but the de-wrinkling and “fluffing” tips are quite useful!

    1. I am not really upset about the dryer anymore. I got thinking about all of the energy it used (it was very old) and I am thinking that the money I save on my hydro bill this month will go towards a fun party for our friends and family for the Holidays. Hanging them is great, the clothes are nice and clean and not too stiff! I might wait a while before buying a new one….maybe 🙂

  2. Our washing line is undercover, so the clothes get hung up rain, hail or shine. On really wet days I might put them in the dryer for 20 mins or so just to make sure they’re dry before I put them away, but that’s about it!
    I always make sure that I hang our shirts from the hem to avoid getting peg marks on shoulders (super obvious!) and pants/shorts from the ankles rather than the waist band because often pegging over pockets stops them from drying as well.
    Can’t wait to see what a “pretty” dryer looks like!!

    1. Having a covered line outside would be wonderful! Living in Ontario it seems like it rains for 6 months, then snows for the rest of the year!
      I know hanging cloths from the bottoms is an obvious move, but I didn’t even think about it until this summer when I saw my neighbor hanging her cloths like that!
      Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of what a “pretty” dryer looks like soon 🙂

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