Kitchen Renovation – More time = LESS money!

Well, I started this blog because of so many reasons. Mainly to help give ideas on how to save money on many things, as long as you are willing to take the time (what can I say, I always think there is a cheaper way to do things)

I tend to look at renovations as more of a challenge then a task. How cheap can I do this? I don’t want to sacrifice quality or overall appearance, but I also don’t want to remortgage the house to get a room renovated. I would almost always spend the time instead of spending the money to get the job done.

My kitchen is a great example. Here is before….


A kitchen renovation could cost tens of thousands of dollars, I mean, go and get a quote. New kitchen cupboards can cost $10,000 +. I didn’t want to spend thousands, but I didn’t want the kitchen to look like this. I needed new cupboards, countertop, sink, faucet, flooring, TONS of paint, etc, etc.

I did tons of research on the internet, relentlessly searched online buy and sell sites for items (I still check the sites everyday looking for a kitchen table for cheap that I can refurbish) and learned a lot about DIY EVERYTHING. After a couple of months, and a lot of work, our kitchen now looks like this……


Here is the breakdown of what it cost us to have this kitchen:

  1. Bead board on the ceiling and wainscoting on the walls – $120.00
  2. Trim for the ceiling and chair rail – $60.00
  3. 2 cans of primer for all cupboards, ceiling, trim, winscotting – $65.00
  4. 2 cans of white paint (actually called “Sweet Mint”) $75.00
  5. 1 can of “Slate” grey for the inside of the cupboards and the countertops – $25.00
  6. 1 can of “Mediteranian Sage” Green for the walls – $25.00
  7. 1 can of heavy duty clear coat for the countertops – $10.00 (on sale on the bargain shelf)
  8. New hardware and hinges for all of the cupboards – $50.00 (on clear out at $1 each…YAY)
  9. Butcher block laminate flooring (no hardwood for us dog owners) $100.00 used
  10. Loose lay flooring remnant for in front of the sink (laminate hates water) $50.00
  11. Trim for the floor in brushed nickel – $35.00
  12. Glass and Marble backsplash + grout and sealer – $75.00
  13. New faucet (this is where we gave in and bought new, but was $100.00 off!) – $120.00
  14. New curtains (not shown in picture)  $25.00

And the total is…….DRUM ROLL PLEASE………..$835.00!!!!!!!

We still have little things to get, like a new kitchen table, a runner for in front of the counter, a new fan, a valance for the window and some wall art, but all in all, I could live with the $835.00 kitchen forever!

We painted everything, including the countertops, so if you are thinking of doing something like this and you have questions, let me know. I learned a LOT of valuable lessons during this 5 month renovation and I would be more then happy to help you save some time by learning from my mistakes 🙂


6 thoughts on “Kitchen Renovation – More time = LESS money!

  1. Thanks so much! We have so many rooms to renovate still and a couple of apartments coming up, so there will be no shortage of posts in the near future!!!! It always comes down to the same questions……”How pretty can I make this on the cheap?” 🙂

  2. Looks fantastic! I keep umming and ahhing about what to do about our kitchen. Structurally it’s fine, but I dislike the green benchtop and green tiles we have! Desperate for them both to go!

      1. I tried painting tiles once in my old apartment (grey cupboards, black and white benchtop, pink tiles. Go figure). While it looked good for the pictures of the apartment when I sold it, I wouldn’t want to live with them!

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