Almost June and still no garden

Am I the only one who doesn’t have their veggie garden in yet?

I feel like we have a million projects on the go and none of them are anywhere near complete. Total time hogs.

  1. Build back deck
  2. Finish laying sod and mulch along the driveway
  3. Finish basement apartment kitchen
  4. Finish basement apartment bathroom
  5. Complete makeover our own kitchen
  6. So many more, I just can’t bare to think about them.

With all of there things to work on, I STILL have not got my veggie garden in. This is a major stress factor for me since the longer I wait, the longer it is until I have fresh veggies. When I look at the picture below, I just get this warm, tingly feeling (this is right after I planted my garden last year). I am hoping this will be the weekend I can exchange my painting pants for my gardening pants, even if it is only for an hour to get the plants in the ground.

Come on already....grow faster!
Come on already….grow faster!

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