Surprise Scavenger Hunt for Jacks Birthday

Yesterday was my man’s 45th birthday. Since I have been sick at home with the worlds WORST toothache all week, I didn’t get a chance to get out and get him a special present. It was stressing me out, until I came up with a cute little idea!

Who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again on their 45th birthday. This was such a great idea that I would like to make it a tradition. Seeing his eyes light up as he searched the house for his next present was the highlight of my year! So much excitement for a bunch of Dollar Store items 🙂

He came home to this on the fridge….

Helium balloon with card attached to the fridge

He opened the card and the hunt began!!!!

1. In the card – a scratch ticket

Card One
“A million a year could take you far away… could use these found where it says BOMBAY”

2. In a Bombay Bag – A Pair of Sunglasses

“It is always important to protect your eyes….Find another kind of protection where we say our goodbyes”

3. Hanging by the back door – A Neck Pillow

“It is horrible to feel all stiff and sore….Relax in these found on a pile of floor”

4. Laying on a pile of laminate flooring in the guest room – Comfy Pants

“Relaxation and snacks are great together….Munch on these found inside the leather”

5. Inside one of his leather jacket pockets – Beef Jerky and Pepperoni’s

“After you have finished these and want something sweet…..Look inside the place that we freeze our meat”

6. Inside the freezer – Bag of candy peaches (his favourite!)

“Now that you’re full, you should go for a walk…..These might help, found under a croc”

7. Found under my gardening crocs – Shoe insouls

“If you walk too far and it becomes night…..You can use these if you look into the light”

8. Found inside the living room lamp – A flashlight and two lighters

“Sight is important and so is smell…..This might help you if you look behind the bell”

9. Found behind a dove bell – Cologne

“Now that you smell ready to go out on a date…..Fix your hair with this found on a plate”

10. Found on a pile of plates in the dining room (we are still in renovations!) – Hair wax

” I love you so much, you are a hardworking fellow… might like these if you looked for a marshmellow”

11. Found in the pantry beside the marshmellows – A ratchet set

“It is almost time to sit down and eat….What goes well with dinner can be found on a sheet”

12. Found in the linen closet – a nice bottle of wine

“I love you….Happy Birthday”

We then had chicken parmesan and maple walnut ice cream with candles (He isn’t a big cake person)!!!

Happy Birthday Jack!
Happy Birthday Jack!

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