Guest Room Reno under $100 in 12 hours

This is a project that we took on in the winter, but thought I would post it anyways. We wanted to see how cheap we could totally redo our guest bedroom and how fast we could do it. Well, it cost us under $100 and took 12 hours. This is what we had to work with:


I am not sure I can find the right words to describe olive stained carpets, aqua walls and flowered wallpaper…..Maybe Holy 70’s Batman!  So we started the clock….and here we go!


First….remove wallpaper. Patch the holes in the wall with plaster. Let Dry. Plaster again. Let Dry. Sand. Vacuum.


Next, wash walls with TSP. Does anyone else find that TSP smells really bad like fish?


Who is this mystery person behind the cloth??? HAHAHA, I really hate my picture taken 🙂


Finally, we paint the walls and rid of that aqua colour forever!!! We decided on a nice green called “Minnesota Pine” We needed a colour that would compliment the orange wood trim since we were not up to the job of painting it.

Minnesolta Pine

Much nicer! This is with only one coat. The paint was $20 by the way. We opted for the cheaper brand in an eggshell finish.  Now to do something with that carpet!


This job took up a big part of the 12 hours. The underpad was so stuck to the original tile underneath that it took us forever to get it all off. It just kept crumbling.


clean floor

Finally we are ready to lay the new brown carpet that we purchased for $70.00. We also painted all of the registers and light switches bright white.



I am liking the colour scheme. Now to bring the room to life with some nice “farm house” decor 🙂


These were the original curtains that were in the room. Now they really stand out against the new green.


Jacks mom could croquet anything, and was amazing at it. This bedspread was the perfect addition to the room!

And Tah Dah…..Guest Room for under $100 and it only took us a Sunday!



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