Taking out a Concrete Patio

Since we had already rented the jackhammer for the weekend to fix the moat, we decided to get our moneys worth and finally get rid of this….

Cracked Patio
Old concrete patio in the backyard

We also decided to get rid of this….

Old concrete walkway to garage door and herb garden

The patio had cracked in so many areas and was not big enough to put a table or chairs on since half of the patio was the bottom of the stairs.  In order to build the patio that we want to entertain and have outdoor dinners, we needed to break up the concrete in order to dig posts for the new wood deck!!! YEAH, an actual outdoor sitting area!!

So we got breaking up the concrete (and when I say “we”, I really mean Jack. I did carry about a million pounds of concrete, but I could not handle that jackhammer!) The first section came out like butter (does that sentence make sense?) with the concrete only 6 inches thick. It was looking like we were going to have this project done by noon! WHOO HOO!!

Start jackhammering
First section comes out like “butter”

At this point the trailer was full with the first section as well as the concrete from the “moat” so we decided to kill two birds with one stone (for the lack of a better term…..have you ever thought of how cruel that saying is?) we decided to bring the concrete to our music studio to start filling in the back lot which was really, really low.  When we got to the studio, we found some major weed growth in the back, so we had to chop all of that down first.

Now that is long grass!

Now on a side note, take a look at the picture above and see the vine climbing up the fence on the left…I really liked it. I asked Jack if we could take some of it home to grow up the garage, he said “why would we do that? It’s poison ivy.”

It was in my hand when he said that…..I am now COVERED in poison ivy bumps 😦 I won’t post any of those pictures because, well, they are just gross.

So we slowly emptied the concrete gravel by buckets to the back of the building to slowly build up the area. Saved money on the dump fees, saved money on extra fill when we landscape the back of the studio!

Dumping the concrete to building up the ground
Dumping the concrete to build up the ground

Once we got back to finish up the concrete that was coming out like butter, we realized that the rest of the concrete was over 2 feet thick. Can you believe that…..TWO FEET! Poor Jack got a work out of his life getting that concrete to break up. Devon was kind enough to come by and help lift some of those monsters into the trailer. After a couple hours, Ta Hah!

Two strong men!
Two strong men!

We arrange the small pieced along the bottom of the “pit” for drainage under the new wood deck that we will be putting up soon! It will also help stop weeds from popping up through the cracks….and it saves on dump fees 🙂

Broken down concrete patio
Broken down concrete patio

Now what to do with all of these GIANT pieces of concrete? To the dump of course!

Poor old trailer
Poor old trailer. Brought two of these loads to the dump in one day.

The first trip went well. The dump is only 7 or 8 minutes away, but it is down a highway and I was really worried about that old trailer. But we made it.

Now the second trip was another story. I will just let the pictures tell the story here….

Tire Explosion

Fixing the tire


We are sooooo very lucky that the tire didn’t explode and take us off the road. Just the outside layer came off. Jack ran home, got a spare tire and changed it on the side of the road.

Back on the road again….

We made it to the dump safe and sound

So now we have a great “rock garden” at the bottom of our stairs which will soon be transformed into a beautiful entertaining deck.

I can already picture the deck!
I can already picture the deck!

In conclusion:

Jackhammer rental = $56

Dump fees = $22

Blown tire, poison ivy and sore back muscles = priceless!

To be continued…..


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